WW2 Airfields of Oxfordshire - Witney




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WW1 RAF quarters
Various buildings used for accommodation
Aerial view of the Technical Site  
Aerial view
Main Entrance
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Simple Map
WW1 Officers MessWW1 Officers MessWW1 Officers Mess - rear
Officers Mess
WW1 GuardroomWW1 Guardroom
...........The old Guard Room, WW1
................The 'Bungalow'

Points of Interest:

Originally a WW1 RFC airfield, opening in March 1918.

Station operated as a Training Depot until 1919, when it closed and lay dormant until 1930 when civil aviation commenced.

Used during WW2 as RLG for Brize Norton. Oxfords main user aircraft.

Spring 1940, de Havilland open Repair Unit. Many types of aircraft are repaired, including Hurricanes and Spitfires.

Dominies built/finished at this Unit. Also conversions to DH Rapide specifications.

Unit/factory closed in 1946. Smiths Industries establish their first factory.

WW 1 & 2 buildings still survive, and in constant use!

WW2 hangars incorporated into existing trading site units
No's 2 & 3Hangars
Original building
MT Building (?)
WW2 Nissen huts WW2 Nissen huts One of several Nissen huts erected during WW2, and still in use.
WW2 Nissan huts on the Technical Site
The Morgue
The WW1 RSM mess, looking eastAnother view from the road of the  WW1 RSM messRear of RSM Mess
RSM Mess
Misc view of existing hutMisc. view of existing hutView from near main entrance
Various huts still in use


Line diagram showing Tech Site layout (WW2) Aerial photo Aerial photo Airfield - 2004
Airfield buildings map
Witney aerodrome 1930's
Witney aerodrome 1940's
Witney aerodrome 2003
Witney Aeronautical College Witney Aeronautical College
Witney Aeronautical College Mess
Main canteen Main canteen Main canteen Main canteen - interior Main canteen- view from field to rear
Views in and around the Canteen
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WW1 Hangar
Kingston Bagpuize