WW2 Airfields of Oxfordshire - Windrush




These images of Windrush Tower show that old wartime buildings can be rescued and put back into use - just a pity that it doesn't happen more often, as our aviation heritage is as equally important as any other...
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Technically, this airfield is not in Oxfordshire. It lies just outside the boundary and was the RLG for an Oxfordshire airfield. I have included it for interest.

The Watch Tower
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TO THE MEMORY OF SGT PILOT BRUCE HANCOCK, RAFVR.  During the night of August 18th 1940, whilst flying an unarmed Avro Anson trainer from this airfield, was seen to sacrifice his life by ramming and destroying an attacking enemy Heinkel Bomber.
The Watch Tower - more views
Misc. buildings around the airfield
Views of and around the Watch Tower area
Technical Site Buildings
Admin Site Buildings
Standby Set House

Points of Interest:

Opened in summer of 1940 as a RLG for Little Rissington.

Avro Ansons flew from the airfield. The aircraft were painted yellow, and were unarmed as they were used for training.

Trainee pilot Sgt Bruce Hancock (age 26) rams an attacking enemy aircraft with his Anson, on 18th August 1940, sacrificing his own life.

Sgt Hancock buried with full service honours at local church in Windrush village. Luftwaffe crew buried at Northleach, also with service honours.

Airfield first bombed by Luftwaffe on 5th Sep 1940.

Bombed again on 6th May 1941, HE's and IB's

Closed for military flying at the end of the war, but airfield remained active with a local flying club and parachutists into the late 1990's

Aerial view of the Control Tower, taken from a TriStar at approx 800'

Windrush control tower aerial view

Windrush Watch Tower prior to restoration in 1991 Windrush WatchTower - 1994
Tower restoration - before & after
Kingston Bagpuize