WW2 Airfields of Oxfordshire - Weston on the Green




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Technical Site Buildings
Ex-WW1 Officers Mess
Ex-WW1 Sgt's Mess
The Main Entrance
Views over the Airfield
Disuse Bomb Store
Weston during the late 50's

Points of Interest:

Acquired for military use in 1916, with No.28 Training Depot opening on 27 July 1918.

Early days saw aircraft such as Sopwith Camels, Avro 504K's and Sopwith Salamanders using the airfield.

Activity ceased on the site in 1921, but at the outbreak of war in 1939 it came under the control of RAF Brize Norton (as a SLG)

During early years of WW2, aircraft such as Blenheims (90 and 101 Sqns), Ansons, Harvards and and Oxfords used the airfield (13 OTU)

Airfield bombed during August 1941, 6 bombs dropped. Enemy strafing to aircraft on the ground damaged 7 Oxfords.

No 2 Glider Training school arrives in Dec 1941, using Hawker Hectors to tow Hotspur gliders. Hectors later replaced with Hawker Audaxes.

Glider training ceases in March 1943. No 20 (P)AFU moves in and flies Oxfords until disbandment in May 1945.

Used briefly by the Air Positioning Plotting Unit in 1950/51, and then placed in a 'Care and Maintenance' state until RAF Transport Command repossesses the airfield for parachuting purposes.

Has been and is continued to be used as both a parachute drop zone and glider training school.

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