Kingston Bagpuize watch tower
RAF VC10 Fleet

Images of the ageing aircraft at various locations around the world



XV101 at Gotenburg in March 2002
XV104 at Banja Luka
XV104 Name
XR810 on one of its last tasks - it was scrapped the following week
XR810 being scrapped
XR810 at St Athan
XV107 ALM position
XV107 Dinghy stowage
XV107 front cabin
XV107 fwd galley
XV107 rear galley
XV107 - Main Cabin and workstation detail
XV107 stbd u/c
XV107 stbd u/c
XV107 stbd u/c
XV107 - Undercarriage detail
XV107 Captains seat
XV107 Co's seat   XV107 Nav seat XV107 Main cabin
XV107 - Seating arrangements
Nose section of XR806 XR806 is now being used  for battle damage repair. XR806 fuselage section. XR806 fuselage interior. Interior of XR806 flight deck
XR806 - The sad remains of a once 'Queen of the Skies'...
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XR810 at Prestwick
Photograph of a photograph showing the incident that led to the scrapping of a VC10
Ooops !!!
Watching an Antonov taxi in at  Pristina. XR808 at Pristina airfield. Engine oil checks Loading baggage to XR808 at Pristina Pristina airfield
XR808 at Pristina, Oct 2005
Centre tank refuelling at Banja Luka Banja Luks as seen from the passenger door of XR808 XR808 at Banja Luka Banja Luks control tower XR808, with Banja Luka control  in the background
XR808 at Banja Luka, Oct 2005
XR808 at Bardufoss, Mar 2009
A few images of XR808 at Pristina at night
XR810 at Poznan, Poland, Sep 2005
XV107 in front of Paderborn tower No's 3 & 4 engines, XV107 XV107 at Paderborn, T/R servicing in progress Engine inspection, XV107 XV107 on the apron at Paderborn XV107 refuelling in progress Underwing view from XV107
XV107 at Paderborn, Oct 2005
XV107 Nmae
XV107 awaiting passengers at AkrotiriClose up of XV107Panoramic view, showing XV107 on the dispersal  near the air terminalXV107, AkrotiriLeaving Cyprus, Akrotiri in the background
XV107 at Akrotiri, Oct 2005
Kingston Bagpuize