WW2 Airfields of Oxfordshire - Upper Heyford




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Points of Interest:

Opened originally in 1916, with Canadian Air Force flying Sopwith Dolphins. Closed 1920.

Re-opened October 1927 as bomber station.

First types of aircraft included Hyderabads, Hinaidis & Fairey Gordons. Later equipment included Hawker Harts & Handley Page Heyfords.

WW2 aircraft included Blenheims, Hampdens, Ansons, Wellingtons, Oxfords & Lysanders, and then later on, Mosquito's.

Satellite airfields include Barford St John, Weston on the Green, and Brackley ( renamed Croughton)

American Air Force return in 1950 to develop the airfield.

Control of the airfield formally passed from RAF to USAF on 15th June 1951.

Prior to closure, main aircraft associated with station was F-111, serving in Oxfordshire longer than any other type of operational aircraft!

Various buildings on the south side of Upper Heyford airfield
Community Bank
Base Housing Office
Rear of Gas Station
Gas Station
To Baseball pitch
Familiar views to many around the Station
Accommodation Block
Side road
Bowling Alley
Main footpath
Orig. Ops Centre
What the main runway and servicing areas are now used for - storing new cars!
The Main Entrance & Approach
Views of the Technical Area, taken during Autumn 2002

Officers Quarters & Mess
Airmens Quarters


I don't know what many of the buildings featured were used for, or by whom. If you know, please will you email me.

Thanks !

RAF Upper Heyford Memorial Web Site - Dedicated to all who served at RAF Upper Heyford, England.
20th Medical Group Hospital
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Flying over Upper Heyford using MS Flight Simulator
Aerial view of Upper heyford airfield (2003) Upper Heyford control tower (2003)
Aerial views over Upper Heyford
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Admin site Admin site Admin site Accounting & Finance Bus stop
Footpath by main road Disused gas-station Main Entrance Childrens playground Junction near BX
More views around the base - Autumn 2004
A basic map, probably for the benefit of new arrivals and visitors
Visitors map

Memories : An account from the 1950's

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Base housing, probably at Bicester Vehicle Maintenance Section, sometime in the mid 80's
Base Housing
Vehicle Maintenance
Images courtesy of Rollie Stewart II
Name board identifying the Station and operational Wing Visitors to a HAS An excellent wall mural for the Security Police More Security artwork..
Base Name Board
Visitors to a HAS
Wall Art
Security Emblems
Images courtesy of Danny Shewry
WW2 Upper Heyford Magazine
Cover from a wartime mag.
Arizona F111
Ex UH F111 in Arizona
Open Day - Security
Open Day
Open Day - F111 Take Off
Station Open Day
Images courtesy of Nigel Dawe
Kingston Bagpuize