WW2 Airfields of Oxfordshire - Starveall Farm


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Points of Interest:

Opened on 1st July 1941 as a storage site for No 39 MU, storing Spitfires, mostly.

Known as No 2 Satellite Landing Ground (SLG)

Used in conjuuction with an Emergency Landing Ground at Slade Farm and a Relief Landing Ground at Glympton, which was otherwise known as No 1 SLG

Was briefly assigned to No 33 MU in 1941, but reverted back to No 39 MU until the end of the war.

Closed in September 1945

Landing area
Robin hangar Robin hangar and apron Hangar interior
The landing ground
The surviving Robin hangar
Hangar interior
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Panorama of Starveall Farm SLG
Panorma of the SLG and hangar
OS Map
360 panorama of thehangar entrance and apron
Track to gun butts
Gun butts in a clearing
Track from butts to the landing area
Oblique vie of the gun butts View from with the butts.. Looking at the gun butts from the firing platform...
Views in and around the gun butts
Aerial view
Aerial Photo
View across fields to the Robin hangar
View across fields
Panoramic view of the main landing area
Panorama of the main SLG
Starveall farm Ground Crew
Starveall Farm Barracks
Starveall Farm Theatre - Sep 45
RAF Starveall Farm personnel?
Starveall Farm - Sep 1945

Thanks to Pat Philips for the B&W images and Unit crest. whose late father -AC 'Joe' Phillips - was stationed at Starveall Farm during the war

Starveall Farm Crest
Unit Crest
Nazi & Donkey CartoonHitler & Dog CartoonGoering & D.Duck Cartoon
These colour images are of cartoons and murals that were rescued from the 'Theatre'. The B&W image has been digitally created from an image just visible in the theatre
Servicing a Spitfire Mural
With thanks to Julian Mitchell for the original images
Kingston Bagpuize