WW2 Airfields of Oxfordshire - Slade Farm : No1. SLG
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Slade Farm Robin Hangar
Slade Farm Hangar Outbuilding
Airfield and Robin Hangar

Points of Interest:

In use from 1st Dec 1940

Used by No's 8, 15 and 39 MU's

Also used by Hotspur Gliders from the units at Kidlington for landing practice.

Positive sightings of Avro Manchesters at this airfield.

Wellingtons known to have been stored here.

Closed Jan 1946

Slade Farm Outbuilding 1 Slade Farm Outbuilding 2 Slade Farm Outbuilding 3
Various outbuildings still remain

RAF Slade Farm No 1 SLG (Satellite Landing Ground) 1940-46

The Satellite Landing Ground at Slade Farm was situated about two miles to the north of Kirtlington village, in convenient proximity to the airfields at Upper Heyford and Weston-on-the-Green, and in close proximity to suitable storage areas in and around Kirtlington Park or surrounding farmland.

No.1 SLG was part of Maintenance Command, and like other Satellite Landing Grounds, it was surrounded by secrecy. It was not shown on aeronautical charts, and hangars and other facilities were heavily-disguised to blend with the surrounding woodland scenery.

1/2/47 – 30/6/48 : No 433 Equipment Disposal Depot BAFO (British Air Forces of Occupation)

3/2/43 – 10/3/43 : RLG (Relief Landing Ground) for No 2 Glider Training SchoolHotspur I – II – III [BT615] Gliders : Hector I [K9764-G] / Audax I / Master II [DL395]  / Oxford [N6424] / Tiger Moth I – II [T5628] / Hind [K5450]  / Proctor [P6313]

1/1/42 – 13/7/42 : RLG for No 101 Operational Training Unit Hotspur I – II – III [BT677] Gliders : Hector [K9713] / Hind I [L7207]  / Tiger Moth I – II [T5379] / Audax I [K7468] / Gull 6 [AX866] / Mentor I [L4413]  / Oxford [W6608]

10/2/42 – 30/6/42 : RLG for No 102 Operational Training Unit2 Hotspur I – II [BT447] Gliders : Hector I [K9706]  / Hind I [L7223] / Tiger Moth II [DE304] / Audax I [K7495] / Lysander IIIA [V9426] / Oxford II [ED169]

1/12/40 – 1/10/42 : SLG (Satellite Landing Ground) for No 39MU. Transferred to No 15MU. Returned to No 39MU 2/43. 

1944 Wellington dispersal for other MUs.

Closed 10/1/46

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Apparently this artwork was found at Slade Farm in one of the buildings - perhaps the Airmens Mess - and is now omned by a local business/person
Slade Farm Aerial View
Aerial View