WW2 Airfields of Oxfordshire - Pusey
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Site Entrance
Workshops & Offices
Offices & Accomodation
Landing area
Modified Robin hangar
Watch Tower?

Points of Interest:

Pusey, SLG & RLG, also known as Bush Barn (now Bushy Barn).

Used by 5 MU from 22 Sep 1941.

Also used by 3 EFTS as an RLG and from 1st Aug 1944 as a satellite of RNAS Worthy Down - possibly as HMS Kestrel II.

Positive sighting of Swordfish dispersed around the field late in the war, all painted white.

Huttage on site included 2 'Nashcrete' huts, 3 rare 'Orlit' huts and a 'Robin' hangar.

Other buildings survive on the site in various states of repair (!995).

Closure date unknown.

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