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Nostalgia & Misc.
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Initial Kitting
Balloon Crew
Air Gunners
Night Standby
Ops Clerk
Between sorties
Typical pages from a Dakota logbook. These show details of Arnhem (eg Operations 'Mallard', 'Meteor' and 'Varsity')
John Jack & crew
Video's of 'Just Jane' at East Kirkby
80 sec mpeg, approx 10.6mb
33 sec mpeg, approx 3.6mb
'Just Jane' does a final engine run and taxy...
Running up the engines....
Taxying past the Watch Tower
Final ground run and taxy
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35 sec mpeg, approx 2.9mb
Lancaster flypast at RAF Grimsby
Watch Tower - front view Watch Tower - rear view Watch Tower - interior view Watch Tower - view at a distance
Views around a Watch Tower in excellent condition...
Lining up the bombs... Bombs on parade! Loading up a Victoria with small bombs... The Armstrong-Whitley factory, March 1939

Images from the Willoughby Collection

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Click here to see a 1945 map of West Oxfordshire
West Oxon 1945
350th Honor Roll B17s in formation Ground Crew watching Coffee Time S for Sugar
A few nostalgic images for my pals across the pond....
The RAF Battle of Britain Memorial Flight Lancaster, when painted as the 'Mickey The Moocher'
1939 Documents Transcripts
Victory Poster Don't Help Poster Careless Talk poster Women Drivers poster Jam Jars
Lend a Hand Gas mask Warning Keep Mum poster RAF poster ARP be Prepared
Switch off Light poster        
A small selection of war time posters and postcards
Kingston Bagpuize