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Airfields and Memorials

Airfields & Aviation Memorials

A large and professional looking pictorial database of UK airfields (including many aerial shots), with much useful information and cross-references/links.

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British Airfield Buildings of WW2

A superb pocket reference book, it has 128 pages in colour showing examples of all the popular standard designs of the period, from control towers to hangars, barrack blocks to decontamination centres.

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World War 2 EX RAF

This is a 'must see' site, particularly if you are trying to trace relatives or friends that served in the RAF.

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RAF Broadwell

A local website that contains interesting and personal accounts, as some interesting photo's

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RAF Lincolnshire

An interesting website running a parallel interest to my own in local airfields - except that there are many more to choose from!

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RAF Driffield

A good website dedicated to RAF Driffield, with excellent research material, personal accounts, and photo's

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RAF Little Rissington

A well developed site devoted to RAF Little Rissington, which contains history, local images, and memoirs from ex-Station personnel. Some excellent links too...

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RAF Upper Heyford

As mentioned on my home page, I said I would provide links to any sites with written content - and this site by Paul Francis gives an interesting account of the history to this Station.

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The RAF Upper Heyford Memorial Web Site

"Dedicated to all who served at RAF Upper Heyford, England". An invaluable reference and contact site for all those connected with this famous airfield, researched and provided by Duane Park

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An excellent website devoted to Control Towers in the UK. Also contains much useful information about the airfields, including potted history and layout details.

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Fields of Valour - Revisited

Another good website with many excellent & recent images of Glatton, King's Cliffe, Polebrook and Deenthorpe.

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Archie - A Pilot in RAF Bomber Command

A most interesting site about a pilot in Bomber Command during WW2, who flew on the Dec 1941 raids against the Battleship Scharnhorst, taking off from RAF Stanton Harcourt.

Airfield Research Group

A website dedicated to the research and recording of British Airfields. Recently resurrected, it contains contains many useful links and is an excellent starting point for further airfield investigation.

Conserving Military Airfields

Notes about military airfields by Jeremy Lake explaining the approach followed in selecting sites and buildings for protection. Interesting reading.

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The 'AirNet' Web Site. Aviation Links, Aircraft Spotting, Airports, Airfields & Air Bases

THE website for links to just about anything connected with aviation (although mine isn't listed yet!)

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Mighty 8th Cross Reference

A site intended to be an accurate and helpful - but not necessarily exhaustive - guide to the organization of the 8th Air Force of the United States Army Air Forces in mid-1944

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Bases of the 8th and 9th USAAF, the RAF and others in Britain

A large,comprehensive site with many links, extensive listings and research material. It's good so be prepared to spend a long time here!

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Further information about Shellingford

Part of an excellent local community website has more reading about this airfield and its history.

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Fairford Branch Line

An excellent site containing many images and notes about this railway, which happened to serve several military installations in Oxfordshire during the war

The Battle of Arnhem Archive

Loads of info about this famous battle, and from many different perspectives. Be prepared to spend a long time at this excellent site!


These links have no direct connection to the airfields featured in this website. They have been included for general interest only.

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