Kingston Bagpuize watch tower
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30/01/03 Index Link to 'Latest Updates' activated. Additional Stations included on list (no links).
300/1/03 Upper Heyford 'Points of Interest' added.
310/1/03 Culham Culham page activated.
02/02/03 Guestbook Guestmap added. Just for fun....
04/02/03 Brize Norton Brize Norton page activated (Just a few photo's though - more to come)
11/02/03 Brize Norton Video of a Lancaster coming in to land (6.4mb/26secs)
24/02/03 Witney Additional material, including aerial photo's from mid 30's and 40's
27/02/03 Stanton Harcourt More images added, showing Bomb Storage Depot near Eynsham
27/02/03 Shenington Shenington (Edgehill) page activated
16/03/03 Broadwell More images added
16/03/03 Index Link to (Chipping Norton) airfield image activated
18/03/03 Abingdon Abingdon page activated
04/05/03 Oakley Oakley page activated
05/05/03 Bicester Bicester page activated
05/05/03 Upper Heyford More images added, layout modified slightly
Upper Heyford  Flight Sim over the base!
26/05/03 Weston 0n the Green  Weston 0n the Green page activated
26/05/03 Barford St John Barford St John page activated
26/05/03 References & Reading Page listing interesting books to read
26/05/03 Nostalgia Old photographs and anything else that I can find!
03/06/03 Maps New page showing location of airfields in Oxfordshire
21/06/03 Mount Farm Mount Farm (Berinsfield) page activated
26/06/03 Links Links - two more added
26/06/03 Upper Heyford  2 more (for fun) images added, layout modified slightly
27/06/03 Brize Norton Images added showing Brize Norton VC10's during a refuelling exercise
17/07/03 Mount Farm   Wartime images added, and some interesting info (courtesy of Nigel Dawe)
27/07/03 Links  Links - three more added
27/07/03 Brize Norton  2nd movie, this time showing B17 coming in to land. Both movie files reduced to about 1200K.
21/09/03 Brize Norton  Many new images added.
Index Typical 1940's music - will be changes regularly
Brize Norton New images added
Shellingford New images added
Stanton Harcourt New images added
21/12/03 Aerial Photo's added Abingdon, Enstone, Upper Heyford & Windrush
18/12/04 Barford St John Photo's from Stephen Knipstein added
18/12/04 Upper Heyford A written account of life at Upper Heyford during 1951, from Michael Street-Williams
29/02/04 Somewhere on the site! A short film clip showing a TV presenter being buzzed by an extremely low flying Spitfire
02/03/04 Guestbook A new feature. Just trying out a weblog on the site. Read and leave comments here...
17/03/04 Brize Norton Aerial photo circa 1945, large file approx 0.5mb
17/03/04 Mount Farm Airfield map, large file approx 0.5mb
17/03/04 Finmere Finmere page partially activated
Culham B&W photo showing PCAU building & signboard added
12/04/04 Mount Farm Images of the Wg Cdr Warburton memorial and ceremony, plus a more B&W images
02/06/04 Grove Grove page activated
10/10/04 Nostalgia Images of the RAF BBMF Lancaster, mostly internal views.
29/12/04 Nostalgia A few more Lancaster video clips
30/12/04 Brize, Abingdon & Grove Many more new photos
28/04/05  Broadwell  Panorama of Watch Tower control room
Warning, contains expletives!
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