WW2 Airfields of Oxfordshire - Kingston Bagpuize
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Romney Hutting, 35' wide and constructed in 8' sections. Romney Hutting still in use.
Technical site buildings
Main control room. Main entrance corridor. Stairway to first floor. Fitted steel cabinet in main control room. Probably used to store pyrotechnics such as flares. View from internal entrance to left of control room.
Interior views of the deserted watch tower
View from platform back towards Technical Site.
View along observation platform.
View from within the control room over the airfield.
Views from the watch tower
Watch tower exterior view showing observation platform. Watch tower, showing side and rear elevations.
The old watch tower

Points of Interest:

The airfield was never completed, and used PSP runways.

Used principally as a Glider Training School (Hotspurs).

Also used briefly in 1943 for 20 (P) AFU (Oxfords)

On 7th Feb 1944 an advance party from IXth USAF move in to begin trials on a wire mesh covering over original runway surface.

P-47's used intensively to test new surface - frequent repairs needed.

June 1944: experimental surface removed. Station lies dormant until 14 Dec 1944.

Dec 1944: 3MU establish sub-site.

Subsite closes on 14th June 1954

Kingston Bagpuize