WW2 Airfields of Oxfordshire - Finmere
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On the eastern edge of the airfield the remains of a technical site
Hangars to the north east of the airfield
The main runway intersection
Views around the only section of runway still in use
A Pentad hangar still being used

Points of Interest:

Declared operational July 1942, with Mk 1 & 4 Blenheims.

Classed as a satellite for Bicester, but as it has concrete runways and Drem lighting is used to train pilots for 2 Group Bomber Cmmd.

Blenheims withdrawn in August 1942 from Bomber Cmmd Ops, but continue in use with 307 Ferry Trg Unit.

13 OTU train pilots from January 1944, using Mosquito's.

Operations cease in July 1945, and post war airfield becomes storage area for surplus ammo.

Airfield map - 197kb
Airfield plan