Kingston Bagpuize watch tower, in case you were wondering.
WW2 Airfields of Oxfordshire - Chalgrove
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Two images of the Watch Tower
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Points of Interest:

Opened 20 Nov 1943 as an RAF airfield.

Shortly afterwards became Station No. 465 with 9th USAAF.

First operational USAAF aircraft were P38 Lightnings.

30th PR Sqn joined 9th AF on 4th Feb 44, which then became 10th PR Group on 21st Feb 44.

After the war the site was used by Martin-Baker for testing of ejection seats.

On 24th Jul 46 the first live ejection from a Meteor (EE416) was carried out by Bernard Lynch at an altitude of 8600 ft at approx 320 kts.

Panoramic view of the airfield showing a T2 Hangar and ejection seat test facility
Views from around the external perimeter
Meteor taxiing
Beckley F5
Meteor taxiing
Beckley P5
UK Flag
USA Flag