Kingston Bagpuize watch tower
WW2 Airfields of Oxfordshire - Bampton Castle


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Approach to and walk around the what was No.2 Signals Unit
Signs still evident even though the unit has been closed for some time
...continuing the walk around
An 'off-unit' incinerator, and bridleway to No.81 Signals Unit (South)
Airman's Married Quarters, and views around this delightful village.

Points of Interest:

No.2 Signals Unit is shown as the main feature of this page, but the area was also shared with No.81 Signals Unit (South)

No.81 SU (South) had a (North) counterpart near RAF Kinloss in Scotland.

81SU (South) and 2SU operated completely independantly of each other, had totally different functions.

81SU provided a "flightwatch" service, and 2SU was a HF receiver site operating as part of the Defence Communications Network

Both units had their own Commanding Officers

In the top line of photos- the building in the last photo was a UNITER bunker. (The parking area adjacent to the bunker was for visiting UNITER maintenance teams only).

The trackway leading to (and past) this area (third row, last photo) was there long before the bunker was built, and was in fact the road to the farm visible in the background.

(With thanks to Gavin Ferrie for providing this info).

Technically, this is not an airfield. It lies about 3 miles away from RAF Brize Norton and was a satellite communications Unit. I have included it for interest.

Kingston Bagpuize