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WW2 Airfields of Oxfordshire - Abingdon


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Views across the airfield
AMQ's - Tyne Road OMQ's - Laburnum Avenue OMQ's Shippon Road leading to Main Gate
Typical views of base housing
'F-Shed' Sports field and running track
Various places around the Station
Officers Mess Sgts Mess
The Officer's and Sgt's Mess's
'The Dog House' pub POW/Three Feathers pub
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RAF Abingdon (Dalton Barracks) 2006

Wartime accommodation near Shippon
Nissen huts on one of the wartime dispersal areas
Points of Interest:

Planned in the 1920's, RAF Abingdon opened 1st Sep 1932 as a bomber airfield (later RAF Bomber Command)

40 Sqn first to arrive with Fairey Gordon bi-plane bombers (ex- Upper Heyford)

Oxford UAS moves in 3rd Nov 1932, and remains until airfield is handed over to the Army in the 1990's

Throughout 1930's, Hawker Harts and Hinds are main types of aircraft operating from this airfield. Fairey Battles arrive for service with 40 and XV Sqn's in 1938.

Whitley bombers arrive following the advent of war, eventually forming 10 OTU. Supplemented by Ansons and used for dropping leaflets ('Nickel' sorties)

Stanton Harcourt - satellite to Abingdon - comes in to use on Sep 1940, and is used to disperse aircraft from Abingdon and help with night flying training.

January 1941 sees formation of No 1 BAT flight (Blind Approach Training), Oxfords eventually replacing Whitleys.

Airfield bombed on 12 March and 21 March 1941. Damage to buildings and some aircraft (42 bombs in all)

Lysanders arrive in August 1941, later replaced by Martinets in 1943, at about which time 91 Group Air Gunners Instruction School opens.

Concrete runways laid in March 1944 - flying switched to Stanton Harcourt until airfield ready.

10 OTU disbands on 10 Sep 1946, and airfield id handed over to RAF Transport Command.

Aircraft operating from Abingdon from 1947 include Avro Yorks, Dakotas, Hastings and Valettas.

No 1 Parachute School moves from Upper Heyford and arrives at Abingdon in 1950.

March 1956 sees arrival of first Beverley, and 53 Sqn receives first of type in Feb 1957.

Beverleys operate until Oct 1967, and the airfield becomes one of busiest in Britain.

Queen visits in 1968, and, as part of RAF's 50th anniversary, lunches in Officers Mess on 14th Jun 1968.

Joint Air Transport Establishment forms here in 1971 (?) eventually moving to Brize Norton (along with No 1 PTS) in 1975.

Airfield transferred to RAF Support Command in 1976, and the Beverley hangar (F-Shed) is now used for Jaguar overhaul and maintenance. Hawks also overhauled in 'E-shed'.

Unit is also host for Repair & Salvage Sqn and University of London Air Squadron.

Throughout 1970's and 1980's airfield is threatened with closure. Eventually the RAF is withdrawn and the airfield handed over to the Army in the early 1990's.

RAF Abingdon is now known as 'Dalton Barracks'.

VC10's in storage
VC10's in storage
Runway 008 Runway 018 Runway 026 Runway 036
Runway 008
Runway 018
Runway 026
Runway 036
Images courtesy of Neil Porter
Aerial view of Abingdon airfield  (Summer 2003)
Aerial Photo
Click here for larger image Click here for larger image Click here for larger image Click here for larger image Carrick Watson on his unicycle
Images of the Parachute School
Images courtesy of Carrick Watson
View from flight deck of a Beverley Lookin along upper surface of tail boom View from flight deck of a Beverley Somewhere over oxford or Abingdon?
Views from a 53 Sqn Beverley, based at RAF Abingdon in the late 50's/early 60's
53 Sqn groundcrew 53 Sqn groundcrew 53 Sqn groundcrew 53 Sqn groundcrew
53 Sqn Ground crew in various poses
Images courtesy of George H Armstrong (RAF Abingdon 1959 -1962)
Image courtesy of GH Armstrong
Classic view of a Blackburn Beverley coming in to land.
Prototype Beverley taking off on its maiden flight
AEW3's awaiting axe Phantom F4 beats up the runway... BBMF Lancaster at Abingdon on runway threshold
Visiting aircraft..
Images courtesy of Nigel Dawe
Trainees at Abingdon Climb aboard.... ...going up. ...and coming down. ...for a safe landing.
"There now - anyone who jumps from a tethered balloon deserves one of these" 53 Sqn - 1962
53 Sqn shield
John Dorward at Stanleyville Click HERE for larger image
AQM training, and then as aircrew on Beverley's
Images courtesy of John A Dorward (ex 53 Sqn )
Click HERE for larger image Click HERE for larger image Click HERE for SUPERSIZE image Load Distribution and Trim Sheet for a C. Mk.1  Beverley
Abingdon Beverleys in flight
Images courtesy of John A Dorward (ex 53 Sqn )
Abingdon, 1932
XB 266
Click HERE for larger image
'A' Hangar - MT & MTMS
''B' Hangar
'C' Hangar - AS & TF HQ
'D' Hangar - RSS HQ
'E' Hangar - Hawks & Hunters
Original Watch Tower
'F' Shed - Jaguar Majors
All along the Waterfront - Spring 2008
North Dispersal - Ex Flying Sqns HQ
Ex-Sgt's Mess
Station Workshops

Views around the Unit

Spring 2008

Station HQ
Service Road
Shippon Dispersal
Playing Cards
Just for interest..

Airfield lighting being removed Winter 2008/9

(Thanks to Phil Maddison for images)
RSS - Sep 1984
Kingston Bagpuize